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Our new exclusive services now include:

Wine tastings

Book a private wine tasting focusing on a preferred subject (The great Red Tuscan wines, the SuperTuscans, the wines from other regions of Italy etc.) or ask us for ideas and suggestions to enhance your knowledge of wines.

Cheese and wine tastings

Learn about the history of cheese, how cheese is made, discover the true dietary facts and get rid of false myths during a fully informative and highly enjoyable tasting that will match 3 cheeses and 3 wines. Discover how to rate each cheese and wine and why they match together so well.  You will also learn about the matching of other food with wine.

Wine delivery to villas

If you are a tourist and arrive at your villa to face an empty wine rack, do not despair! Because we can deliver an excellent selection of good quality wines molto presto direct to your villa and again during your stay as required! Moreover, our advance ordering service means we could even deliver before you arrive.  We can supply selections of mixed sparkling wine, white, rose, red and dessert wines in 6 and 12 bottle cases starting from 60 euro/6 bottle case, each with specific tasting notes. Wine delivery is included in the case prices. Please ask us for our current special offers and pay only once you receive the wines!

Wine shipping in Tucany and worldwide

We can ship wines direct to your home, so that you can bring treasured reminders of Tuscany wherever you are in the world.

Wine storage

If you are not a resident but return to Tuscany often, if you have a villa that you rent only part of the year, or simply if don’t have a good cellar…. We can storage your wine for you in the back of Vitis Vinifera. With a natural constant temperature of 14° Celcius (57° F) all year round, the bottles you buy from us will age well and safely until your return and pick them all or only some of them.


We can help to select wines and cheeses that appeal to your  taste and budget in advance, our expert and experienced services ensure that the renowned regional wines we sell and deliver are acknowledged by gastronomists as the best of their kind and extremely good value for money.


For any or all of the above services, please write to and become part of the Vitis Vinifera club. You will receive advance notice of events, courses, special offers and new wines.